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The Band: Till Lindemann "Singer", Paul Landers "Guitarist". Richard Zven Kruspe Bernstein "Guitarist", Christoph Schneider "Drummer", Oliver Riedel "Bass Singer", Christian "Flake" Lorenz "Keyboard"

Rammstein is a German band from east Berlin, that was formed in 1994. They are well-know for their _martialischen_ lyrics and the use of many pyrotechnics in their concerts. Their music style includedes elemente of metal, rock, industrial.
They released their first album in 1995, it was called "Herzeleid".

Till Lindemann, Singer: Was born on 04.01.1963 in Leipzig and grew up in Wendisch-Rambow, a small village between Wismar and Schwerin, his zodiac sign is Capricorn, he's 1,93m height, got green eyes and brown hair. Before Till was drummer in a Punkband called "First Arsch", which he left when he heard about Rammstein

Paul Landers, Guitarist: Born on 09.12.1966 in Berlin his zodiac sign is Sagittarius, he got green eyes, brown hair and is baout 1,76m height. Before his career at Rammstein he was in the band called "Die Firma" but later he became a member of a band called "Feeling B", where he got to know Flake. He speaks Russian fluently and got well contact to the Russian Rammstein Fans.

Richard Kruspe Bernstein, Guitarist: Born on 24.06.1967 in Wittenburg, zodiac sign is Cancer. He's 1,88m height got green eyes and brown hair. Before he came to Rammstein, he was Guitarist at "Das Auge Gottes" which were called "Das elegante Chaos" in the past and "Orgasm Death Gimmick". In his youth Richard was boxer and cook.

Christoph "Doom" Schneider, Drummer: Born on 11.05.1966, his zodiac sign is Taurus, he's about 1,95m height got blue eyes and brown hair. He played in in several independent bands over years, like in "Die Firma" as Drummer. With 13 he has had his first contact with the drums, his first drumset he got from his brother. He's the only one in Rammstein who completed military service.

Oliver Riedel, Bass: Was born on 11.04.1971 in Schwerin (the youngest in the band), his zodiac sign is Aries, he's 2m height, got brown eyes and black-brown hair. He was bass singer in a band called "Inchtabokatables". He's shy and quiet.

Christian "Flake" Lorenz, Keyboarder: Bron on 16.11.1966 in (East)-Berlin and is Scorpio. He's 1,93m height▀, got blue eyes and und lioghtbrown hair. Flake was in serveral Rhythm & Blues-Bands and of course Keyboarder at "Feeling B". He's skilled toolmaker and at the beginning he was negative about the 'Rammstein' project, because he wanted to become a doctor, but today he's called lovingly Doctor Lorenz.